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About Us

AKTE, Belgrade, Serbia was founded in February 1990. The company is dealing with representation of foreign companies within metal forming industry, i.e.:

Cable industry: Equipment, tools, raw materials
Tube industry: Equipment and raw materials
Foundries / steelworks: Equipment
Recycling: Products for all applications within the scrap metal recycling


  • ND / PCD / MCD tools and dies for wire / tube drawing, and extrusion
  • Reconditioning machines
  • Diamond powder
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  • Welders and dies for non-ferrous wire/strip cold pressure welding in wide range of sizes


  • Granulates for all kind of flame retardant cables (HFFR), and crosslincable PE for wide range of applications
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  • Vertical and horizontal wire/strip/sections non-ferrous continuous casting machines
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  • Over 1000 different grades of PVC granulate
  • Innovene (ex BP) programme of PE
  • HFFR materials
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  • Rubber compounds and thermoplastic compounds for the insulation, sheathing and filling of flexible cables, rubber cables, power cables and flame-retardant cables
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  • Recycling systems


  • steel drums, coils of different structures, balanced
  • auxiliary equipment for handling drums and spools
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